Heidi B.

I first met Bridgit in 2013 after having low back surgery, I had gone through several months of rehabilitation for my back, and as a therapist myself, it was important to me that I worked with someone who was able to help me progress from my current level versus pushing me to achieve an unrealistic ability.

Bridgit has helped me to improve not only my core strength, but also my posture and ultimately my back pain. She is exceptionally skilled in kinesiology and posture awareness. She is professional but also knowledgeable in such a way that I leave each session feeling better than when I came in. She has also provided me with exercises to do at home, which help with ongoing strengthening and symptom management as I go through my week. I appreciate the individualized attention she provides and I believe that pilates has been invaluable for my back health as well as my overall strength.

If you have ever wondered about pilates, have back issues, want to improve your posture or general health, you must contact Bridgit at Village Pilates. She is an amazing instructor and will absolutely put you on the right path.

Barb VP.

I have been working with Bridgit since 2013 and have benefitted from this personal training in many ways. I have back issues with tightness, surgery in my past, and arthritis in my cervical area. Bridgit takes good care in asking daily how my body feels and listens carefully as I describe tightness, soreness, and limited range of motion. She adjusts the workout session accordingly and gently nudges me into better positions, posture, and movement. Her expertise on the Pilates as well as the Gyrotonic equipment includes standard as well as alternative ways to approach the movements. She is an excellent trainer and I highly recommend her.

Jayne M.

Almost four years ago I retired from a stressful job and moved to northern Michigan. I had been a tennis player and was drilling and playing at least three times a week. Unfortunately, I was unable to connect with any players up here and then I had some minor medical problems. My massage therapist suggested pilates at Village Pilates. It was the best reccomendation! I work with Bridgit once a week. I love the workout and try to do mat work at home. I have found an increase in strength as well as improved flexibility and muscle tone. Gradually my posture is improving (I really feel as if I am standing taller and straighter) and my energy level has increased. My shoulders are more relaxed and natural. Bridgit paces the workouts and knows when it is time to introduce new exercises and positions. Pilates at VP is a great place to exercise and stay fit!

Karen P.

As someone who has dealt with back pain all my life from scoliosis, I have been pain free since starting pilates! The focus on developing core muscles has made me stronger than I have ever been. Even shoveling snow has not been a problem this year! A huge thank you to both Bridgit and Crystal.

Debbie T.

I absolutely love this place! Thank you Bridgit, you make me feel strong and confident!

Marika B.

When I first started working with Bridgit at Village Pilates, I was looking just to improve strength and toning. Fast forward a year later and I’ve discovered a surprising new awareness of every part of my body. Not to mention long, lean muscles, better posture, and improved flexibility (which is saying something with hamstrings like mine!). Bridgit’s teaching style is clear, fun and encouraging, without an ounce of pretension. I look forward to class every week! And when I leave, I’m 2 inches taller than when I arrived…Or at least it feels like it!

Georgine G.

I am in my mid 60’s and have been a moderate exerciser- daily walking, kayaking, and snowshoeing- during retirement. The last few years I have added Tai Chi or Yoga which have been beneficial for my balance, relaxation, stretching etc., but I was still experiencing (especially during the colder months) back and neck issues. One of my Tai Chi classmates “sang the praises” of Bridgit at Village Pilates. So, I decided to try with their “Introductory Offer” and was so pleased that I continued with private lessons. I have been rewarded by feeling less muscular aches and stronger core muscles. Bridgit has been key throughout by encouraging me and being patient. She continues to adjust exercises/movement to my ability and will provide challenges. She will “talk” me through activities step by step asking if I have discomfort. She displays a happy and positive way which is conveyed in her teaching of Pilates.